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(This page was inspired by an idea from Derek Sivers.)

I have a quarterly reminder to update this page, but it seems I deferred for a month and a half. Tsk, Past Paul!

Since my last update, April Fools’ Day has passed. As the result of a brief discussion with my pal Adam Engst, I decided to create and send out holiday cards for the occasion. I designed them myself using Shutterfly, put together some relatively clever content for the back, and even purchased appropriate stamps. For under $200, I hopefully gave about 75 friends a good laugh, or at least a few minutes of confusion. It also made for a good One Foot Tsunami post.

I’ve run two official races in the spring and summer, the BAA 5K in April and the 10K in June. My April race was a really great one, as I posted an 18:35 (for 5:59 miles), a personal record. The 10K used much the same course, with another 3 miles tacked on of course. It was also a lot hotter, and my pace didn't match my goals. I had run a faster “virtual” 10K in 2021, but this did set a new personal record for a measured course, and that’s not bad. Still, I’ll be trying to beat both this time and that 2021 time in the future.

Next up, I've got the Falmouth Road Race, a 7 mile run. It will be difficult to top my time from last year, but I’ll be giving it my best shot. It’s been nice to do some races in person. I've also been playing a decent amount of tennis this summer, which I really enjoy. After seeing a banner on the courts just down the street from me, I signed up for a social league. This has also led me to play with a couple other folks. The league is for 21 to 40 year olds, and makes me feel old. Not in terms of quality of play, however, where I can more than hold my own. Instead, the issue is that these absolute babies are flakey as heck! Ah well.

I’ve done a bit of traveling this summer, with a lovely trip with friends to Fire Island, as well as a trip out west to Michigan on Lake Huron. I have a few trips in various stages of planning for the rest of the year, and I hope to make those happen. I'd like to be doing more travel, but COVID still has me feeling cautious, even as so much of the world seems to be dropping restrictions.

Speaking of COVID: Alas, in May, I lost my Novid Club membership. Due to an exposure, I was testing, and continually coming up negative. Finally, on what I figured would be my last test, I showed as positive. Thus began a long period of isolation and boredom, but I was otherwise OK. I was fortunate to have almost no symptoms, and I ran throughout (away from others, of course). Only on the last day or two did I have a nagging cough that would’ve made me think “Maybe I should test”. Lamentably, I had to cancel some plans with friends in town, but it could certainly have been a lot worse.

Of course, the bear of it is that having COVID doesn’t seem to be doing much these days in terms of conferring immunity. So, I'm still trying to be smart and cautious, eating and meeting outside as much as I can. My hope remains that you can avoid COVID.

Last Updated: August 13, 2022

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