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(This page was inspired by an idea from Derek Sivers.)

While celebrating my 40th birthday, a friend recently asked “What’s new?”. I made a bit of a bullet list.

Running: I’ve been running for years, but each year brings new milestones. In 2022, I topped my previous high by almost 300 miles, all while average sub-7 minute miles. Not bad! My overall pace was down a bit, but this was intentional. I trained slower in order to race faster. I set four new PRs, so I think it worked just fine.

Work: Speaking of milestones, Rogue Amoeba celebrated our 20th anniversary at the end of September, 2022. It’s difficult to believe I’ve held the same job since 2002, but that’s the reality on paper. Of course, the job of running Rogue Amoeba has changed many times over the years, from hiring and managing employees to licensing our technology to other companies, and much more. I still enjoy the work, and customers continue to love our products.

Tennis: This past spring, I saw a banner for a local tennis league on the courts just a minute from my house. I managed to sign up for the summer and fall leagues, and I’ve found a couple people to play with regularly past that. The weather this year has allowed me play outdoors into December and now January. It’s not always the most pleasant, but it is more than a little amusing to play tennis while snow flurries fall. I’ve been very glad to get back to the game after an extended absence.

Travel: I’ve made several trips in recent months, in something of an attempt to make up for lost time. In September, I visited Oregon, stopping by Portland and Crater Lake, before heading on to Bend for a wedding. At the end of October, I attended a friend’s 40th birthday party in San Francisco, and pieced together four days of fun with six different local friends out there. In December, I did a similar whirlwind on the east coast. I also had two great trips to Portland, Maine, full of great food and great drinks. I highly recommend Portland as the greatest little city you haven’t visited. Most recently, I surprised my mother on her vacation in Aruba. As I asked at the time, how often do you get a chance to really surprise someone, and have them be glad you did? I was so very glad I took the chance.

Decades: As mentioned above, I’ve recently entered my fifth decade of living. I haven’t really had any particular feelings about this. As I noted recently, I’m hopeful about the remaining two-thirds of my life. I hope some of you reading this will be there to see me off at the age of 120, in the year 2103.

Last Updated: January 27, 2023

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