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My summer of 2023 consisted of assorted travel, as well as a lot of work. There was also plenty of running and a fair amount of tennis.

In June and July, I had two trips out to California, first for Apple’s WWDC and then for a wedding. I was able to get some important work done, see friends I hadn’t seen in literally years, and have a pair of lovely times.

I also had an excellent trip to Toronto in July, which included watching a live baseball game from a hotel room, and a surprise special guest.

At the end of July, there was a loon cruise on Squam Lake in New Hampshire, which also featured a bald eagle sighting. That evening featured delicious fresh-picked strawberries and tasty sandwiches, then a couple nights at the New Hampshire Getaway. Blasty Bough Brewery remains a treat.

To kick off August, I took a one day mid-week trip to the Cape, to see two different pairs of friends who happened to be vacationing there. It was very nice, and far less stressful to drive to on a Tuesday. A few days later, I was up in Portland, Maine for the 25th annual Beach to Beach 10K. I set a new personal best, and enjoyed the city as I always do.

The rest of August and beginning of September included a couple of visits by family and a relaxing few days on the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan.

In addition to these assorted trips, the summer was a very busy one for Rogue Amoeba. We had to prepare updates for the new version of MacOS which just shipped (MacOS 14 (Sonoma)), but there’s also more to come. Some things we’ve been working on have been delayed by outside forces, but in the coming months, they will be a fairly big deal. For now, it’s Rogue Amoeba’s 21st birthday as I write this, which is very hard for me to believe.

To close out, a bullet point list:

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