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(This page was inspired by an idea from Derek Sivers.)

2018 marks my sixteenth year running Rogue Amoeba, the one-step-above-small Mac software company I co-founded back in 2002. It's hard to believe that it's been that long. We employ 10 people (soon it'll be 11) full-time, selling 7 different audio tools. Earlier this year we shipped our newest app, Farrago, a soundboard app. Now, we're working on major updates to several of our products.

I'm living in Boston's North End, in a house purchased back in 2014. Ask me about my new windows! I tell everyone I know one thing: “Don't buy a house”. I get little joy from owning, and plenty in the way of headaches. Nevertheless, I have made this mistake twice. Do as I say, not as I do.

Last year and into the beginning of this year, I was running quite a bit. In the past year, I set personal bests in the 5K (19:27), half-marathon (1:30:42), and marathon (3:38:02). If you look at that half-marathon time and think my marathon time should've been a lot faster, well, I agree.

Unfortunately, 2018 has thus far been something of a lost year. On Valentine's Day, I was admitted to the hospital due to a bowel obstruction, which required surgery. You can read about this in depth with this Facebook post, if you like. At this point, I'm pretty much recovered from that.

However, on Mother's Day, I broke my foot while on a run. While avoiding a car parked in the crosswalk, I landed in a pothole and fractured my left fifth metatarsal. A few days later, I had a surgical repair (open reduction and internal fixation), and I'm now slowly recovering. It will be some time before I can put anything but partial weight on it, and three months or more before I can run again. It’s been quite painful and it’s massively inconvenient, but I soldier on. Hopefully, this is the last surgery I’ll need for the foreseeable future.

Last Updated: May 25th, 2018

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