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(This page was inspired by an idea from Derek Sivers.)

Looking at my last update from the end of 2021, I see that I was discussing ramping my running back up after recovering from a broken foot. In January, I did a truly terrible “winter challenge”, where I ran 5+ miles, outside, every single day. I don't know if you know this, but the weather in New England in January is occasionally cold, snowy, and icy.

To complete this challenge, I did all sorts of ridiculous things. Multiple times, I ran just after midnight, to avoid an issue with the next day. I startled a security guard (who then astutely called out “Getting a run in before the snow?”) and saw an honest-to-goodness coyote in Boston proper (Charlestown, specifically - mothers, lock up your cats and small dogs). It was quite a month. I'm glad to have completed this challenge, and I won't ever do it again.

For the third year in a row, I'm signed up for the BAA distance medley (5K, 10K, Half Marathon). In 2020, it was supposed to be in-person, but went virtual. In 2021, it was virtual from the get-go. In 2022, it should be in-person. The 5K is coming up in mid-April, and I'm excited for it.

In addition to running, I did a decent amount of downhill skiing this past winter. It had been several years since I'd skied, and I made a concerted effort to get out there a half-dozen days or so. I had fun, and it was nice to be outside and active beyond running.

The weather is now warming up, which has me looking forward to more outdoor activities and dining. I plan to be outside as much as possible over the next seven or eight months. I hope next winter requires less hunkering down, but either way, I'm going to enjoy things as best I can before then.

It feels like we're now enjoying a break from COVID, though I fear it's yet another lull before some future variant (see Delta and Omicron). COVID got Obama, so I feel like there's no shame in getting it now. Still, I'd rather continue to avoid it. Here's hoping you can too.

Last Updated: March 26, 2022

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