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(This page was inspired by an idea from Derek Sivers.)

The current major news in my life is that I moved houses. The new place is 277 feet (as the crow flies) from the old place, which is more than a little ridiculous. However, it was a very easy move, as there was plenty of overlap time. Given that, I like to say that I never really packed. I mostly just moved things from one place to another, without the intermediate step of carefully securing it. So, dishes went from one cabinet directly to the other, and so on. Professionals were brought in for the bigger furniture, and all in all, it went very smoothly. The new place is wonderful, very well designed with a place for everything, and tremendous views and amenities. I'm very pleased.

Rogue Amoeba closed out a successful 2019, where sales improved quite well over recent years. We've got plenty of updates already planned for 2020, and I'm excited to get many of them finished and out to users.

As far as running goes, I've been continuing with a good amount of distance running, but still have yet to run a recent marathon. My plan had been to try to qualify for Boston 2020, which needed to be done by early September 2019. I missed that deadline, which has reduced the urgency, but I'd like to find a race to run before September 2020. For now, I'm content with a recent half-marathon PR (1:26:27, for 6:35s).

As far as upcoming travel goes, I'll be down in Aruba later in January, in Camden, Maine in March, and Saratoga Springs in June. We'll see if any additional trips get filled in over time. It's likely.

Last Updated: January 12th, 2020

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