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(This page was inspired by an idea from Derek Sivers.)

Recently, I had a great trip to New Orleans for a bachelor party. In addition to hearing some excellent music and escaping the end of winter to enjoy some warmth, I touched an alligator while riding on an airboat. If you ever have a chance to ride an airboat, you should take it.

As I write this, I find myself in the midst of wedding season. I attended weddings for friends in Massachusetts on back-to-back weekends in May, including a lovely trip to the western part of the state. I’ve got another wedding-based trip for July, this time to California. That will be a great chance to catch up with some internet friends I haven’t seen in literally years, due to the whole global whozits.

Before that wedding, I actually have another trip to California, for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. And after that, I’ve got a visit in Toronto coming too, where I’ll catch a Red Sox game at the only AL East stadium I’ve never been to, and explore the city. I’m hopeful some other smaller trips will come together on the east coast this summer.

On the work front, the summer is going to be a very busy one, for exciting reasons which will become public soon. I’m eager to be able to talk about it. But, Rogue Amoeba has already had quite a busy year. As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, we unveiled a historic screenshot archive. It feels weighty and worthwhile, and it’s quite gratifying to be able to look back on our work, which now spans more than two decades. We also released a major version 2 upgrade to our soundboard app Farrago, and there are several other big updates that have shipped, or are shipping soon. Oh, and we also found out how the RIAA almost crushed our company into non-existence back in 2005 or so. Terrifying!

What else do I have going on? Let’s use that stalwart friend the bullet point list:

Last Updated: May 28, 2023

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