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(This page was inspired by an idea from Derek Sivers.)

After breaking my foot at the end of August, I had September and October off from running. To stay in shape, I switched to a daily upper body workout, which gave me some positive results. Since early November, though, I've been able to get back to focusing on running. Initially, I ran every other day, but after about 6 weeks, I've felt comfortable running 5-6 days a week. My pace is not where I'd like it, but it's steadily improving, and I've been upping my distances too. In 2022, I really hope to get back where I was, and better.

In recent months, I traveled to western MA (North Adams, home of MASS MoCA, as well as Williamstown, where Williams College has an impressive collection of America's founding documents on display) and New Jersey for my mom's birthday. At the time of those trips, things on the COVID front seemed fairly stable and overall pretty safe.

Most recently, I was in New York City as omicron caused COVID to flare up. Pretty much right as I arrived, Broadway again started shutting down and cases were soaring. I had low-level anxiety throughout the visit, but ultimately I seem to have escaped unscathed, as an at home rapid test seems to confirm. Those are now something I'll do when relevant, even without symptoms. At about $10 a piece, they're not as cheap as they ought to be, but I can afford to take them to be safe. New York City had a vaccine mandate for all restaurants and bars, which was interesting to see in action. I quickly got used to showing my ID and vaccination card, and I was glad for it. I can't imagine being there unvaccinated and trying to go out. I'm also eager for Boston and other nearby cities to adopt this.

Obviously, COVID clearly continues to have an impact on life. However, with the vaccination and boosting, I've been trying to think about it differently than last year. While it's still something to avoid, I'm less concerned about what might happen if I catch it. As the second winter of COVID begins, I'm more willing to do things like eat inside and travel a bit.

When I next update, in late winter or early spring of 2022, I wonder how things will look. I don't have a lot of confidence that they'll be very different from now. I hope they will be though.

Last Updated: December 26, 2021

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