Paul Kafasis

Looking for me? Here's a one page site, with the basics.


I co-founded Rogue Amoeba Software and serve as CEO. I also publish the humor site One Foot Tsunami and the mildly-popular podcast Just The Tip. I like being on rooftops, taking in water views, and eating delicious sandwiches. I don't believe the platypus is a real creature. Moreover, I think you're a sucker if you do.


I've created a “Now” page, where you can see what I've been up to lately.


Email paul at this domain (

Web Presence

One Foot Tsunami - Humor writing
Rogue Amoeba - Work & technical writing
Just The Tip - My mildly-popular comedy podcast

Other Links

Instagram - Oddly, some of my funniest work, along with the rare great pic
PBones.Micro.Blog - A microblogging and social media platform which serves, in a small way, as replacement for Twitter
Twitter - A dormant social media account, left to rot the day after Donald Trump was elected. Once home to the best jokes I could fit in 140 characters

About This Site was formerly home to my now-defunct personal blog.