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We've Moved
Posted 07.02.2009 @ 13:46 EDT

As you may have noticed, the quantity of posts on has diminished greatly in the past few months. This happened for two reasons.

First, I was frustrated with the lack of direction the blog has had. The odd mix of "straight comedy" and "mildly-interesting crap that's happened to me" began to weigh on me. I found it difficult to decide where I should focus.

Second, the code on which this site runs (my own homebrew blogging engine, BonesCode) has gotten quite old and brittle. I created and refined this engine over several years, as I learned PHP and MySQL, but overall, it's not very high quality. The legacy code here was a serious problem, as it made it frustrating to do what I actually wanted to do: write.

So, I've endeavored to fix both these problems, with a new site devoted solely to humor, and running on the popular WordPress engine (which also powers Rogue Amoeba's weblog Under The Microscope). Today, I'm happy to finally unveil that site:

If you've enjoyed and laughed at things found on, you'll like One Foot Tsunami (OFT) too. Absurd Links will still be found on OFT, and features like SOIL Shorts and others will likely make the transition. Browsing archives will be better, searching will be improved, and more. The site's not totally done (I have a bunch of tiny tweaks I'll make over time), but it's ready to go live.

You can visit the site at and subscribe to the RSS feed at You may notice I've seeded it with a few old items from, but it will have new content starting today.

If you haven't enjoyed, well, I don't know what you're still doing here. But, now's your chance to get off.

We'll see what happens with It will remain up as an archive (hey, it's 8 years of my life) for some time to come.

So, onward and upward: