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What The Hell Is Wrong With New Zealand?
Posted 07.24.2008 @ 23:03 EDT

Last year in New Zealand, a couple was prohibited from saddling their baby with the name 4Real. Why, aside from what must have been massive quantities of alcohol, did Pat and Sheena Wheaton want to name their baby 4Real? Because when they saw an ultrasound, "they realised that their baby was 'for real'". Unbelievable.

But it gets better. After "4Real" was rejected, the parents decided to name the child Superman. As far as I know, they've not only been permitted to keep the child, but also their reproductive organs, which is a real crime.

I'm reminded of this because of a new story seen today. It seems a family was allowed to name their daughter Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Nine years later, her name has been changed, but yet again, no one's testicles or ovaries were removed.

From these two articles, a list of acceptable and unacceptable names in New Zealand:

Number 16 Bus Shelter
Midnight Chardonnay

Not Allowed:
Adolf Hitler
Sex Fruit
Keenan Got Lucy
Yeah Detroit

So I repeat my question - what the hell is wrong with New Zealand?