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It's True, I Am MacSanta
Posted 12.22.2006 @ 16:23 EST

This past week I've been working my ass off on a new site, It started as a group of six independent Mac developers (the top six in the list on the MacSanta page), providing a simple 20% discount on our software. After some rather controversial marketing in another promotion, we hit upon a win-win situation for all. I put together the group and the page, and we made it live on Monday.

By Tuesday, we had over 50 developers on board, and Wednesday took us over 100. I scrambled to add them as quickly as possible, and Quentin and I redesigned the page to better accommodate the list. We've closed it off now, but we've gotten great response from the included developers, and everyone involved has seen increased traffic and sales. We've had tens of thousands of visitors to the site, all checking out great independent software from over one hundred Mac developers. Not bad for a couple days work. I've been told I need to take a higher percentage next time. I'm satisfied with what I got though - a 0% commission is enough.

If nothing else, you're likely to get a slight chuckle out of the poem I wrote, A Visit From MacSanta.